Board Members - 2009 - 2010

 Dr. Kenneth Andrew Richardson - Chairman
Dr. Leonard Surage Dr. Leonard Surage - Director
Dr. Leonard Surage Dr. Alison Plummer - Director
Dr. Leonard Surage Dr. Christy Daniel - Director
Dr. Leonard Surage Dr. Horatius Jeffers - Director
 Dr. Dawit Kabiye - Director
Dr. Leonard Surage Ross Gardner - Director

The work of the Board is partly undertaken by a number of Committees with specific responsibility for certain aspects of the Tapion business. The sub-committees of the Board are:

Audit Committee

Clinical Governance & Remuneration Committee

Medical Advisory Committee

Finance Committee

Quality Assurance Committee

Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee

Promotions and Marketing Committee

Premises and Procurement Committee

Dr. Leonard Surage Dr. Romel Daniel - Medical Director
Dr. Leonard Surage Mrs. Sybil Martial - Executive Director

The work of the management team is partly undertaken by a number of committees with specific responsibilities for certain aspects of the Hospital's business:

Risk Management - Committee
Education & Training - Committee
Infection & Control - Committee
Quality and Safety - Committee
Socializing - Committee

Our values and beliefs

Tapion Hospital has a set of values and beliefs that show a commitment to provide the best possible care and treatment for our patients. Our values and beliefs also influence our thinking when planning services and highlight the positive way in which we view our staff, patients and the local community. Our values and beliefs are set out below:

We will put the safety and well being of patients at the forefront of everything we do.

We will treat each individual with respect

We will be welcoming, friendly and helpful

We will be open and honest

We will continually find better ways of delivering our services

We will respect our environment and use resources wisely

We are reaching for our goals

We respect our patients privacy

Our priorities and our progress

The Strategic Plan

The Hospital was required to produce a Service Development Strategy (SDS) as part of its objectives and its plan for how it would develop over a five year period.

The key strategic objectives which Tapion Hospital set itself in the SDS were:
The Board began a process of reviewing the SDS during March 2009, an exercise which will continue into 2010. This will culminate with a strategic document developed in conjunction with the staff patients which sets out a vision of the hospital in 2014 together with a more detailed five-year plan which moves the Hospital towards that vision.

The Annual Business Plan

Each year in June Tapion Hospital produces a document setting out its key objectives and priorities for the coming year in an Annual Business Plan for the shareholders. The document contains a brief review of the previous year highlighting the successes and disappointments experienced in the preceding year. The majority of the Business Plan documents the Hospital's work plan for the coming year and forms the foundation of the Hospital's approach to internal performance management.

Halfway through the year the Board produces an Annual Review outlining progress made against the objectives the organization has set itself.

Targets, aims and objectives

The Hospital's business plan for 2008/09 was based on the principles adopted within its Organizational Development Strategy which highlighted six key aims.
Performance and targets

Hospital's financial performance is assessed and monitored in the following areas:

Compliance Framework

Monitor reviews the Hospital's key areas of performance through a quarterly self-assessment against key performance measures. These include: waiting times in A&E, waiting times from GP referral to treatment, hospital acquired infections, and the time taken for patients with suspected heart attacks to receive clot-busting drugs. The Board receives a quarterly update on the Hospital's performance against the Compliance Framework. This is entitled "Progress against Targets & Performance Indicators" and is included in the Board papers, that are updated every half year.

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